Thursday, November 26, 2015

BBC Store copy

Just over a year ago I applied for a job at the BBC. To my surprise, I got an interview. The role was for copywriter on the BBC Worldwide's latest venture, BBC Store, which launched on the 5th of November.

BBC Store lets you stream or download your favourite BBC shows. I had to take a copy test before I was summoned for interview. I remember writing a few hundred words to persuade someone to watch The Wire (one of my interviewers wasn't a fan – said he didn't have the time to commit), a piece about Have I Got News For You, and some copy for a children's collection that included Paddington, The Magic Roundabout and Shaun The Sheep.

I've been waiting for BBC Store to launch. It was supposed to do so in March or April. It would have been a fun five months or so. Of course, it took an extra seven.

I think what's interesting about the site copy is how little of it there is (It is a shop, after all, and how much copy is there on Amazon, for example?) Of course the majority of copy describes the programmes. But there's some nice copy all over the site. And here are its best bits:

Meta description

Own And Keep Programmes You Love Past And Present From The BBC Store 

Weirdly, every word is capitalised, like a vintage US print ad. I love that it features ampersands instead of the word 'and' (Blogger wouldn't let me use ampersands!), presumably to save space (it's the little things).

Call to action

The best of the BBC, past and present. Start your collection today. 


BBC Store, Making the Unmissable Ownable.

Those capital letters again, complete with comma and full stop. Nice line, though. 

Introduction to 'Collections'

Welcome to our Collections, a place to explore and discover wonderful television. 

Description of 'Collections', in 'About BBC Store'

There are also themed Collections gathering together programmes from the BBC archive to bring you absorbing and enriching stories from the past, and guide you to new destinations. 

Loving the words 'absorbing' and 'enriching' and the phrases 'to bring you' and 'guide you'. And I like the hint that they'll take you places you've never been before. 

Collection sample copy

Courting Controversy 
Unflinching dramas that broke boundaries and shocked the nation. 

Fantastic writing. And, at the salary the BBC was offering, an absolute bargain. Well done to whoever got the gig. 

To raise awareness of BBC Store, BBC Worldwide hosted billboards featuring real-time results from Twitter votes asking people to choose their favourite BBC characters using hashtags. 

Are you Team Darcy or Team Poldark? Join the vote using or !

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