Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Phew. I found a time machine.

About time, too.

I'm always running out of time.

My wife, especially, keeps asking me to do stuff that requires going back in time.

Luckily, I came across a time machine in a London tube station, earlier today.

I'm not going to say which one right now, for obvious reasons. But here's what happened:

I thought I'd kill time waiting for a train by taking a stroll over to another disused platform.

There were no barriers or signs.

I just walked left, instead of right, and found myself staring at this strange typeface.

When I looked down, I thought it was some kind of ironic homage.

Then I realised what I was looking at was absolutely genuine: an almost-intact tube poster from the 80s - look how young Jimmy Saville looks.

I'm astounded they're still in this condition. I've no idea how it's happened. And I don't really care, either.

What's also amazing is that there are several posters below these two. You can see when you look at the one on the left. I couldn't quite make out what the poster below was advertising but if you were careful, you'd probably be able to separate them.

Looks like someone's already had a go. I want to go back to try to get them. They are awesome.

At the time, I felt like I'd discovered buried treasure, or gold. I felt lucky, honoured, ecstatic.

Then I calmed down, got on a train, bought a copy of CR and a Burger King and came home to share them with you.

The posters, I mean, not my copy of CR or my Burger King.

(Large Whopper meal, if you must know).

Back then kids cost just £1!

The age of the train, eh?

Speech bubble: Jimmy Saville is saying the map. Amazing.

Forget #littlebreaks. Who'll join me in using the twitter hashtag: #awaydays?

Travel within this area is fine. You Northerners can piss off. Speak to your travel agent - for a train? Genius.

PS. Did you spot the rail logo on Jimmy Saville's collar? A British Rail tracksuit top, ffs!

Did they knock these out? Or was it specially made for JS because 'he only wears tracksuits'?

I don't know.

All I know is if you put that logo on its side on a baseball cap, from a distance, someone would think you were wearing an NY cap.

Right, that's that sorted. Now I better go and see what my wife wants.

NOW WITH ADDED TV AD! Proper integrated campaign, then

What age is it?

You can still bump into saucy ladies - even at 125mph!

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johnmcga said...

That's a wonderful spot; great to find a little bit of recent history tucked away like that!

Reminds me of this old Tube map:

I can see a project coming on...