Monday, November 8, 2010

Remember, Call of Duty: Black Ops is just a game

That's right, keep telling yourself that, as you peruse the real-life 'stuff' on which its ten new weapons and items are based.

According to community manager Josh Olin, Treyarch called upon the services of three different military advisors:

Lieutenant Colonel Hank Keirsey (who's consulted for previous COD titles) contributed to making sure the Vietnam War sequences feel accurate;

former Spetsnaz member Sonny Puzikas gave the team a primer on Spetsnaz combat tactics,

and Major John Plaster provided insight to how Black Ops were undertaken in general based on his experience within the SOG.

Heckler & Koch G11 assault rifle

China Lake pump action grenade launcher

CZ75 with full-auto upgrade

(closest gun range to an international airport award)

HS-10 shotgun

PSG1 sniper rifle (most inappropriate theme music award)

Stoner 63 rifle (more about its designer, than the gun itself)

Camera spike (alright, you've got me, this one isn't real life)

Jammer (okay so not quite the same thing - a mobile phone jammer - but even more fun, especially since these things work IMMEDIATELY meaning the wife in this clip is yapping so much, she doesn't even realise the person she's talking to has gone)

Motion sensor

I can't find a single good clip for a motion sensor, so here's some footage of special forces at Mazar Sharif in Afghanistan:

Decoy grenade (gameplay)

Guardian review

The article I used as a source for this post

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