Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two loons. Where the best comedy comes from, by Kevin Eldon

Another parallel to creative copywriting I found in my reading material today (tell me what it is and I'll send you a prize), this time from the world of comedy.

And if you've ever had to have your work signed off by a committee, then you'll be interested to hear what actor Kevin Eldon has to say about the future of comedy online.

"On the net, comedy can be done without the blandinisation, if that's a word, that comes about when you've got committees overseeing comedy and it's all about ratings.

The best comedy comes from one or two loons working on a project undisturbed."

PJ Pesce on directing and writing straight to dvd sequels

PJ Pesce is a film director/writer. Here, he's talking about working on straight-to-dvd film sequels (before you judge him on that, I'd read his Wikipedia page at the end of the link above).

"You don't get to go over budget on these," says Pesce.

"You don't get to go over-schedule, not even by an hour.

If you don't come in on time, tough: they'll just figure out a way to cut it without those scenes.

I look back on Lost Boys 2 and think that we were fucking insane to even attempt to make that movie in 21 days.

I was in Thailand on Sniper 3 and there was one day that was particularly hellish.

I put my head in my hands and the script supervisor said to me, 'Well at least you're getting to make your own movie.'

I took my hands away from my face and looked at her as if she was from Mars.

'Are you out of your fucking mind?

What are you, on fucking heroin? My movie? This is the studio's movie!

Do you think if I was making my movie I would call it Sniper 3?!'"

Friday, July 23, 2010

Please type this phrase into Google

Cut and paste it if you like:

Roman army wikipedia

You have to love the Interwebs.

(But watch out - they're very addictive.)