Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our lifelong commitment to you or How The New John Lewis Ad is Making Everyone Cry

'Our lifelong commitment to you'

Who'd have thought a line like this could make a good ad?

Proof that with a little insight into your target audience and a lot of creative genius (oh and quite a bit of cash too) you can turn dry business speak into something wonderful. Something human. Something that makes you cry, even.

Obviously I didn't cry when I watched this ad. Because I am a man and I am HARD. And even though I have a 17-month old daughter, I'd never fall for such a sentimental advert (I repeat: advert).

You, on the other hand, might. In fact, if you've got kids yourself, I'd put money on you blubbing.

Hankies at the ready. And... go!

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Did you spot the human?

Did you cry?

And didn't you just love granny's march right at the very end?

Try this challenge the next brief you get: look for the human.

If you're interested, here are some articles on this ad I read AFTER I wrote this post:

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But what do you think? Holler back.

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