Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Client comments

Look, clients, we take your words and we create

Client comments. You've got to love them. Seriously, you have to. Otherwise they might drive you insane.

So cherish them. Keep them. Make a folder for them. Save them. Back them up.

Then one day you can do something with them.

I'll tell you what I've kept. A 300 word email I had to write to defend/fight for/save a paragraph of copy. Or rather, prevent loads of mistakes being made with the suggested changes. It's an important distinction because I wasn't merely being precious. The changes to the copy the client wanted simply didn't make sense, logically or grammatically, so I argued it point by point.

So that's what I've kept. But somehow it's vergy ugly. It looks ugly and it feels ugly. It's like a sad battle that should have never happened in the first place. A victory but a fairly hollow one because the end product wasn't going to win any awards. It was just that the changes suggested added nothing and in fact made a few silly errors.

Far more pretty is what Brighten The Corners, a London-based design studio, has created from their client comments.

They've taken the best from their inbox over the past three years and made three lush posters from them. They look good and, copy fans, there's stuff you can read, too! Pretty AND funny. I know because mine just arrived in the post.

The first one's above. Two and three are below. Order yours now from Brighten The Corners. They're only a tenner plus 70p p&p. And don't forget to save your best client comments, let them mature. And one day you can do something with yours, too.

Ain't client comments pretty?

Gutted if you ended up on this

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best UK TV ad of 2009

For me, the best UK TV ad of the year came on December 31. This TV ad for TV ads was worth the wait.

Everyone has their favorite ad and this ad has picked some classics. OK so maybe not Bodyform. But you can't deny the enduring legacy of the 'woah, Bodyform' jingle. Not now, anyway, haha.

Seriously, though, if you ever saw the ad in question, I bet you can remember the three words that came after the 'woah Bodyform' bit. I know I can.

That's power, folks. Getting me to remember a Tampax brand. OK so I needed to be prompted but you know what I mean.

An interesting thing about this ad for me - there's no replay of the old ads. It's just audio. And that's enough to bring the memories flooding back.

It's supposed to be an ad for TV ads. But actually it's an ad for ads. It's an ad for good writing, for catchprases. It's an ad for stories, for jingles. It's an ad for characters, for tone of voice and for human emotions. And you can put those to work in any medium. Still, it's hard to beat TV's reach. And how would a website or a viral help you tell JR Hartley's story any better?

I laughed my head off when I saw this ad. I could write and write about it (any maybe I will later to cheer myself up if I get depressed). For now, I'll just let you watch it. Goodbye 2009.