Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fucking awesome social Media guru

Via Rik Brown at BBH, via Ad Contrarian, via Ad Broad, this movie was made by a freelance journalist in Dublin, named Markham Nolan. Props!

Just as interesting is that it's made with a tool called Xtranormal whose strapline is 'if you can type, you can make movies' - couldn't have put it better myself.

Make the goal fun

I've posted before aboutthis book and the story about a painted fly in a urinal that encouraged men to aim for it and therefore not splash man wee all over the floor.

Well here's another great idea, via @BBHLabs on Twitter.

Problem: Everyone's using the escalator instead of taking a short, healthy climb.
Solution: Make climbing the stairs fun.

How's your Swedish? Read more here.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Google Wave in under 8 minutes

All about its features (you'll have to wait till I can try it if you want me to write about its benefits).

100,000 people were invited to preview it from yesterday. I signed up but ain't heard nothing yet. Looks like fun as a communications tool. Have a look for yourself.

The way forward

R/GA's Bob Greenburg and Barry Wacksman show and tell.