Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All TV ads are shit

Or at least that's the way I felt watching the ad break during Dancing with the Devil last night on More4.

Did you see it? I think it was one of the most interesting docs I've ever seen. It got up close and personal with some of Rio's biggest drug lords. And whether you believed them or not, most of them said they'd like nothing better than to get out of the life - if only they had an alternative.

In addition to football, funk and samba, one alternative was the church, by the way. And that's how we got such incredible access to the traffickers - by following a pastor who used to sell drugs and carry guns himself.

So maybe any ads that broke up this amazing film would have seemed shite in comparison.

Only I got really down. Like actually questioning my whole career. Isn't advertising shit? Wasn't being a copywriter shit? Wasn't I shit?

Then this came on and my belief in advertising was restored:

What do you think?


AMANDA said...

I'm curious what you think about the D&G advert.


Hayes Thompson said...

Thanks for your comment, Amanda. Hmm, interesting. I was expecting a bit more of a twist. I thought the boy would steal the boy or something - although we're probably way past that. So a threesome isn't bad. But who was the lady who opened the door at the end? I'll have to watch it again. I thought it was better that the usual fragrance ads - which all seem very similar (I really want to spoof one.) I look forward to seeing this D&G one on the telly. I think my favorite is Armani Code but only because of the music. I take it this one takes your breath away a tiny bit.

AMANDA said...

Re: The lady. Her mother?
Excellent - I'll help you spoof one, can I style it? I might have a film guy who can shoot it.
I'm sure I can get some friends to "model".
The Chanel ads are too much, just not into it.

Rat - Great advert!