Tuesday, September 29, 2009

140 followers for Media140 London

Thanks to my pigeon-catching skills, I bagged a free ticket to Media140's one day London conference on October 26th.

To thank them for the opportunity to explore the impacts of real-time social media on agencies, marketers and brands, I'm trying to get 140 followers, follow 140 people and have tweeted 140 times by the time October 26th rolls around.

Do you see what I'm trying to do?

Well I'm already following 140 people, so I won't be able to follow you back.

And I've already tweeted 119 times, so I've only got 21 tweets left before October 26th.

But I've only got 70 followers, so I need 70 more. I think it's possible. The trouble is no-one's really going to find me through my tweets at any great rate because I haven't got many left before I reach 140.

That's why I'm asking for your help here. Go on, be a love.

Follow @hayesthompson on Twitter and tell your friends!


PS. I hearly forgot to mention what's in it for you. When normal update service resumes, you'll be tweeted to a heady mix of:

Crucial advertising and digital news
Hilarious copywriting anecdotes
Unmissable updates on how my 10-month old daughter, Maggie, is progressing
Random stories about my cat, who shits too much. In the house
Thrilling conversations with some of the indutry's most charismatic and insightful figureheads
Links to 'shit' that other people will be sending you links to 'minutes, sometimes hours' later (and some that no-one else you know would have sent you)
My own brand of cynical, yet up-beat comment on advertising, the interwebs and life in general
Completely useless writing tips (if you don't have to write - if you do, they're indspensible)
Your own guide to what's fresh and what's wack, Jack

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