Monday, August 17, 2009

Lowest price diamonds guaranteed

Bear with me.

I haven't lost my mind.

I just wanted to

a] share where to get the lowest price quality diamonds on the Interent (this company cuts diamonds itself after buying them from The Diamond Trading Company, the largest distributor in the world). In fact, if you find the same diamond for cheaper even after you've bought it, you'll get 110% what you paid back. Yup. 110%. London-based too, so you can see the diamond before you buy it (mind you, even if you buy by post, you can return what you don't like - their customer service is excellent - 99% positive on

b] conduct a little Internet experiment (you know how I do.)

So anyway, I'm not linking to this company. There is a catch. You have to email me for the name of the diamond company. I'm not going to do anything with your email. I just can't post this link right now. Ok that's it.


Anonymous said...

Has someone hijacked your account or have you become a con-man?

Hayes Thompson said...

Oh no. Someone read this post before I could take it down.

I guess it's too late now. And it's stimulated comment. So it might as well stay.

This was another Internet experiment. And the result is pretty interesting, although I'm not sure what it proves.

(Stop reading NOW if you're bored by the whole SEO/Google/keyword/blog thing - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Basically, I find it interesting to see how I perform on Google for certain search terms (er, sometimes).

And I guess I thought the phrase 'lowest price diamonds guaranteed' would be pretty attractive.

Well maybe in reality it is - why wouldn't you buy diamonds if they were guaranteed to be at the lowest price?

Trouble is, if you don't know about the offer, why would you search for that term?

It's a bit of a mouthful. And you're far more likely to search for 'diamonds' or 'low price diamonds' although you might feel a bit wierd typing the latter phrase as you might think low price diamonds mean low quality.

Sure enough, reveals approximately ZERO people searching for 'lowest price diamonds guaranteed'.

So seemingly not much competition. Although Google comes back with its normal google of results (2 million, in case you were wondering.)

Although most results are that Google thing where it finds pages with all those words on one page, not necessarily in the same phrase.

So I don't know. Is page 5, 3 results from the bottom good or bad? Who cares?

Don't know.


I did manage to get on Google. Page 5. 3 resuls from the bottom. Skills, fans.


Where's everyone gone?

Hayes Thompson said...

Nearly forgot. This result was recorded at around 24hours.

Hayes Thompson said...

48hours later - I've moved 4 places up the rankings on page 5 of Google.

I'm just saying.