Friday, August 21, 2009

Battle of the mobile phone stunts

First we had a song and dance in Liverpool Street Station and Trafalgar with T Mobile (life's for sharing, remember?)

Now we have former pickpockets going around putting money into people's pockets - or 'putpocketing'.

These mobile phone companies are crazy. Me and my wife play a game where we can spot the latest mobile phone ad on TV. It has crazy music, it has trippy visuals - and, generally, it makes no sense whatsoever. A bit like mobile phones, eh? Er, well, not really.

The latest crazy shiny light TV ad is from Talk Talk (See below.) And they're responsible for this 'putpockets' stunt, too.

So that's nice. Talk Talk is handing out £100,000 of its customers' money to American tourists in Trafalgar Square throughout August. And if you join up, maybe they can give away some of your money too!

Read the story here

Actually, a very beautiful ad

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