Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A brand built around you...

I'm talking about Aviva.

Remember those posters and TV ads with Bruce Willis and Ringo Star, talking about...
I can't even remember - something to do with changing your name?

Anyway, forget those.

Think instead about the new TV ads. Have you seen them? I wanted to post them here but I can't find them.

Maybe it's just because I've just had a baby daughter that I like the one about the dad and his new baby girl.

And maybe it's because I can ride a motorbike that I like the one about the retired couple who buy a bike and set off on a new adventure.

But both these new ads pull on my heartstrings. And maybe I'm just a big soft sh*te, as I've said before. But isn't everyone? Deep down?

Group hug. Go Aviva.

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