Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The worst ad on TV

And that's saying something.

I know, I know, why I can't I talk about the GOOD ones?

Well, there are a couple of answers to that question:

1. There are more stinkers.

2. Talking about the stinkers is more fun.

Or is it? I'm going to try, in the future, to talk about ads that I think are doing a great job.

But for now, here's one of the stinkiest pieces of shit I've ever seen (apologies if this ad is well old - I think it may have been on before and I tried to block it out - and sorry if you've read other blogs that have talked about it.)

It's an easy target, for sure. But it's just so poor, it's worthy of its very own post. Remember (especially if you work in an agency that tried to 'leverage' the power of London's snow day for one of your clients), not all publicity is good publicity.

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