Monday, January 26, 2009

OK this is really pretty funny

Oh how I LOLed and ROFLed when I first saw it.

And perhaps I missed the initial Glass & a Half Productions logo at the beginning (not sure if this was just on YouTube version) but when the logo came up at the end, I groaned.

And perhaps I'm JUST cynical, but I was pissed off when I found out this was Cadbury's. It's visually arresting and the tune is amazing. But when I found out it was the next in the gorilla/airport trucks trilogy, I couldn't help be a little disappointed.

It feels like a bribe.

You're saying 'here, look at this funny clip'. Oh look and here's our logo for a product which has fuck all to do with either comedy or electro. CLANG!

Even if you ignore the whole 'Is it going to make people buy Cadbury's chocolate?' question (which, by the way, is supposed to be the point of advertising, unless you're trying to tell me that the biggest name in chocoloate in the country needs awareness of its brand raised. What's the news here?), at least Mother had the decency/manners/good sense to keep their Eurostar logo super tiny in all the Somers Town posters.

This is entertainment. It's a clip. Does it sell? No. It puts me right off my Cadbury's, I tell thee.

And don't get me started on T-Mobile's Liverpool Street. Or do; I'd enjoy the conversation.

Next time you watch it, listen again right at the end for the muted reaction a spectacle as big as that got. Ungrateful bloody commuters.


Hayes Thompson said...

This could well sell for all I know. What do I know? All I know is that it the ad made me groan at Cadbury's. Is that what the brand wants? Oh and I forgot: it's a glass and a half of pure joy. Geddit? Their ads can be anything they want, as long as they're joyous. And it was. Until the bloody logo came along! Grrr! Just as I thought I was calming down, it starts again. Round and round. OK I get it now. This ad is aimed at kids. Hey kids! Eat loads of chocolate! Get fat! You're fat already, after all! C'mon fatties, laugh at this!

Ross said...

fatties don't laugh, they cry.

Hayes Thompson said...

News just in.

I spoke to a 'kid' the other day.

Well, a fifteen year old (perhaps too old?)

Anyway, he said everyone lurved 'gorilla' but 'trucks' did nothing for 'no-one'.

I asked 'but aren't all your mates running around the playground twitching their eyebrows at everyone?' (like they did with Tango orange slapper.)

'No', he said 'Try primary school kids'

Do you know any? Can you ask them?

AMANDA said...

Just saw this ad (haven't been in the country and watchin' TV) and thought: maybe this naked copy guy wrote something on it, and ya did! I agree, laughed and all, but then was disappointed at Cadbury's.

Oh anyway, congrats on the kid!!
Too bad you can't ask it about the ad.