Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is there more than just intrigue in your headlines?

I've read you shouldn't use intrigue alone in your headline/idea; there should be a hint of a benefit, too, if you really want people to respond/buy/click.

Now I bet there are some award-winning ads out there that don't obey this rule. And if there was an award for the Best Spam I've Ever Received, the following email would win it hands down.

It's incredible. It's baffling. It's completelely intriguing, I really, really want to click the link. But am I going to? No.

Actually, there is a hint of a benefit. But sadly there's no proof, evidence, support. And obviously zero credibility, as the email landed in my spam folder.

But quite an offer, don't you think?

Subject: One wife is not enough

From: Palomarez Hennings

I have One wife and two mistresses... I can ffuck them all several times per day!

What an expression! This time, clare laughed yes. The walls
of a castle asunder when once admitted, with an uncle and
aunt and a family of cousins a crimson velvet bonnet, looped
up on one side he would not think of wants not yet in existence..

What do you think?

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Apparently, replying 100 times to a piece of spam email will interfere with the sender's ability to send spam. Fact.