Monday, December 8, 2008

Do companies bid for their competitors' brand names on Google Adwords?

Do Mercedes marketing folk bid for the word 'Porsche' on Google Adwords?

That's the question I asked Lopa, one of our account directors, last week.

In other words, do brands purposefully try to drive their competitors' traffic to their own sites? Lopa reckoned yes and it looks like it's true.

According to a story in Precision Marketing today, Interflora is sueing M&S to stop it bidding on the Google Adword: Inteflora.

Apparently, a spokesperson from M&S expressed their 'suprise' at Interflora's decision. I will express my glee when Interflora kicks M&S's arse.

Leave a comment below or grumble to yourself in your own head. See if I care.

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