Saturday, November 29, 2008

Papa's got a brand new (Bounty) bag

Our first child, Maggie, doesn't seem that impressed with her Bounty bags. But maybe she should be. Sadly, they weren't filled with Bounty bars. But they were filled with goodies for her and her mum and dad, nonetheless. Free goodies.

They were delivered to Thea's hospital bedside when Maggie was just two days old. I think you'd get them even if you had a natural birth then went home. Your midwife would bring them.

In our case, little Maggie had been in the Breech position and we didn't want to put her or Mum through the pain, possible distress and probable failure of trying to move Tummy Thompson upside down (the right way up.) So Thea had a c-section and was kept in hospital for three days after the birth, hence the immediate Bounty bags.

The cynical among you might think it's a fantastic way to hook you on to certain products from birth. Or, you might just think it's a nice little delivery to receive after your bundle of joy arrives.

I know Thea had already bought, or received from friends, almost every conceivable baby product, so I don't think we've even touched any of our creams or nappies or washing up liquids yet.

But all the goodies spread out on the floor do make a nice picture. Particularly as it gives me a great excuse to show you, dear copy fan, some pictures of the best work I'll ever create: my daughter Maggie.

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