Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just stick 'I am' in front of it

I am 1990.

Need a title? A headline? An idea?

Just stick 'I am' in front of it.

I am everyone I've ever met (Orange)

I am Legend (the movie: 'I am Legend')

I am a PC (Microsoft)

I am an IAMS cat (IAMS cat food)

What started it? My money is on the film: 'I am Legend'.

So I'd have been well ahead of the loop if Sport England had bought the 'Go on, be a sport' campaign I put forward when Bluefrog pitched for the task of encouraging people to do more exercise in their everyday lives.

It featured posters of folk in everyday situations 'doing moves' that could be compared to actual sports. So a poster of someone running for the 266 bus would have been accompanied by the headline: 'I am the 100 metres.'

I am future (Pierre's Phuture Phantasy Club).

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