Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Uncle Rik's new Levis ad

I haven't seen this on telly, yet. My sister sent me and my folks the link. Her boyfriend, Rik is an AD at BBH and this Levis ad is the latest from him and his partner, Jon.

What's interesting is that when I tried to watch it the first time, it was slow to load - and as a result I listened to it first almost line by line. This meant I had time to wonder what was coming up, which I worked out. A hallmark of a good idea, surely.

I only wish I had heard one of her lines a bit better - it was slightly muffled. And the final shot with the logo and strapline seemed a bit too superfast - but that just could have been the editing on YouTube.

Rik marries my sister, Cathy, in September. Just in time to be Uncle Rik to his neice, who's due in November. Enough Thompson family gossip. Here's my future brother-in-law's latest Levis ad:

Live unbuttoned

Monday, August 4, 2008

When was the last time the brand you're working on threw up a good story to tell?

Never, huh? Well, keep trying. You never know what might crop up.

In the meantime, enjoy two stories on, um, stories.

The first is a listing I came across on ebay, which illustrates that sometimes, there really is such a thing as 'too much information.'

The second is a bit more intellectual:a Scientific American article entitled 'The secrets of storytelling: why we love a good yarn.'

Enjoy and don't forget to leave your thoughts if you check out the links.