Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the ride to work this morning

I could see it was an enormous fire as I rode towards Shepherds Bush along Goldhawk Road.

As I got closer, I could tell the smoke was coming from Shepherds Bush Road. I was afraid it was the art deco block of flats opposite Five Star car wash (not owned by the pop group.)

As I turned left onto the one way system, I looked right over the heads of hundreds of spectators to see the church beyond the flats in flames.

As I cycled along the north end of the green, I smelled the smoke. I got an idea of what it would have been like to be in the flats next door - terrifying.

How's your smoke alarm? Have you checked the batteries recently?

In other cycling related news, I berated a driver for pootling along at 2mph without indicating. Was he going left? Right? As he was going so slowly, his sudden moves could have been dangerous. Hence, my 'word'.

He beeped me once I was around 10m past him.

The sun was shining and I was in plenty of time - so I went back for a chat. He was defensive at first but by the time I'd finished, he apologised. This is a first. Huge headline: DRIVER APOLOGISES.

This is a real breakthrough. Dialogue is replacing shouting 'C*NT!' And it's working.

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Hayes Thompson said...

I'm back to 'C*NT!' now. Actually, a mixture of the two: dialogue with perhaps some 'C*NT!' dropped in. A van U-turned across me this morning, despite me screaming 'No!' not one but three times. I skidded, hit his side, regained my composure, then fell over (SPDs). He drove off down a side street. I reckon I could have caught him at the next junction but I left it. I got the last part of his reg, a pedestrian got the first.

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