Monday, July 14, 2008

Is this headline even necessary?

Reading and writing are fundamental and essential in business. But sometimes, pictures work best.

According to Dan Roam, author of The back of a Napkin: Solving problems and selling ideas with pictures, visuals can convey more specific and memorable information than words.

Pictures of complex concepts can 'stick' better than bullet lists.

Pictures can communicate many ideas simultaneously and immediately.

And they can transcend language barriers.

Amen to that. I can go home and watch telly.

Before I go, I just want to point you in the direction of a presentation by David McCandless, ex UK Doom Champion, at this year's Under The Influence, hosted by Iris, called 'A picture and a short line.'

Interesting, because he supports this idea that pictures/graphs help us understand complex ideas in an instant. As George Nimeh (aka I-boy), points out, it starts off pretty annoying. But stick with it and you might get something out of it. Might get something out of it? Christ, not much of a recommendation, is it? What do you expect? It's ten o'clock at night and Big Brother's on. Seeya.

David McCandless - The Dip Inn from iris Under the Influence 2008 on Vimeo.

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