Friday, June 13, 2008

Has Britain really got talent?

Or do most people just not recognise it when they see it? This kid won Britain's Got Talent, 2008.

But he just copied an old ad(poorly):

Which was danced by someone who is actually extremely talented, David Elsewhere:

But is there a new King?


Stu said...

You old cynic. It was a poor rip off, but you know it was the production company that had something to do with that routine. Another act, the singer who murdered John Lennon's Imagine, basically said on stage he didn't want to sing it, it was out of his hands - proof that the second auditions are not down to the acts themselves. Here's his first audition:

On the other hand he wasn't the winner for me. Maybe if the show was called Britain's Got Potential.

It's a shame ITV got done for all the phone vote fixing. Otherwise I thought they would have engineered one of the hoodie dance acts to win, for a bit of a PR spin on what young folks could spend their time doing rather than killing each other.

Hayes Thompson said...

And you're calling me the cynic?

Anyway, the point really is to check the skills of Robert Moraine.