Saturday, June 7, 2008

F*ck me, some shit old ads get made, don't they?

Expect a review here soon of the very worst.

I can't bear to talk about them too much right now but three stick out - and I saw them all in one ad break.

OK, well not third one, actually. I haven't dived for the remote to mute the sound while I make sure I don't look directly at it on screen for weeks. It's so crap, maybe they've pulled it.

It's the one for chewing gum where people get closer. Abysmal.

Another stinker is for Talk Talk. 1000s of people join them everyday, apparently. Isn't it time you joined?

Why? Because people join hands to form people made from people holding hands who, like, talk with moving mouths and stuff?

The third is the TV ad where a woman raps/sings and ryhmes the word 'booty' with something else. Do you know the one? It makes me want to slit my wrists. Then pour salt over the wounds just before I step out in front of a bus.

Why/how do these get made? I don't know. But I'm sure of one thing: they're much more fun to talk about than the 'good' ads, which are so rare, you get bored waiting for them.

Bring on the toot.

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