Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What goes on in that bowl?

Great big logs, for a start.

Then there's the chocolate stars and the brown moons.

Talk about double entendres.

Which bowl are they talking about for chrissakes?

If you don't believe me, take a look at this truly brilliant bit of work yourself.

Great big crescent shaped turds - mm, delicious. Coco Plops, anyone?

The new Coco Pops Moons and Stars TV ad


Wal said...

hahaha, i saw this ad on the weekend and liked it, kinda fun, but now i see it in a completely different light, WHATS GOING ON IN THAT BOWL!

Hayes Thompson said...

And for once, YouTube has been a bit toilet. No sign of this ad on there, yet.

If I'm quick, I can get a video up of someone pouring Coco Pops down the toilet (look, it even turns the flush brown!)

And look at those chocolate stars!

And look there's a big moon!

Was someone taking the piss or is it just a wonderful coincidence?

Unfortunately, Scamp's on holiday so there's no-one to spend half a day investigating it and interviewing the creatives involved.

Hayes Thompson said...

Crikey. What a bitch I was.