Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I met Juan Cabral last night

On the South Bank at a table and chairs outside.

He was quite old and of African or black Brazilian appearance (maybe an older version of the top left picture in the poster above.)

And a white Nehru shirt was draped over his portly stomach.

One of his young planners from Fallon joined us. He wore glasses and hunched over the table, expressionless. He never made eye contact. I assumed he had Autism or Aspergers.

Juan Cabral was aggressive and rude. The whole meeting was rather unpleasant.

Then, suddenly I found myself scrabbling around with little scraps and stips of paper, trying to think of 'creative' ways I could leave Juan Cabral my email address.

Imagine my relief when I woke up and realised it had all been a dream. Nightmare.

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Catcher In The Rye said...

I know what I would do when I see Juan...wear a guerilla suit and throw balloons with different color paints at him.