Thursday, April 24, 2008

Have you ever had this problem with a creative brief?

It doesn't tick.

It won't excite sniffer dogs.

And it'll pass through an airport scanning machine without attracting attention.

But that doesn't mean there isn't timebomb in the creative brief, just waiting to explode.

That's because it comes with a 'suggestion' or 'prescription' of what the creative idea should be. No pressure, mind.

It happened to me recently and it's not over yet so I can't reveal all the details. But I was wondering: has it ever happened to you? Come on, don't be shy.

1 comment:

facu said...

there´s always a suggestion. in fact, it sucks when there isn´t. it´s good to notice it because you get a feel of what "is wanted", but following it is another story. fuck that. risk it, get slapped, ask for help.
it´s your interpretation, your ideas you solving comms for a brand.
or be a serial robot.