Friday, March 14, 2008

Phishy sloppywriting at UK prices

You don't have to read emails from Nigerian scammers to enjoy copy riddled with errors.

Here's an excerpt from a b2b email received by Drayton and detailed in his Helpful idea 61: never forget why it's called direct response (Oh, and don't be so damned idle.)

As Drayont points out, four mistakes in the first three paragraphs. Can you spot them all?

Emedia produce Email Stationery for Companies, and we are interested in quoting for producing yours?

The Email Stationery Emedia produce does not contain the images as all the image content of your template is embedded preventing any rejection from the recipients server and ensuring high speed travel.

The Email stationery we produce for companies, are the same e-letterheads that the large blue chips companies are now implementing (see examples ) providing a professional letterhead for your email correspondence to be sent out on while ensuring reliability in transit.

We can also animate your existing logo to give that cutting edge presentation. (See samples )

You wouldn't dream of sending hard copy correspondence out without using your company's pre printed stationery, you can now send your emails out on your company's stationery 100% reliably and for a negligible cost.

You provide us with your artwork, either in hard copy or an emailable version (We can lift artwork from your website if you like), we send you a proof, once approved, we provide a personal self installing download which will incorporate your letterhead into your emails, giving all your staffs correspondence a professional identity.

If you would like to know more information or to place your order then use the website links below.

If it is someone else within your organisation who would decide on this then please forward them this email.

Email letterheads are compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express, the most widely used email software. You can select to use your E-letterhead or de-select whenever appropriate, once installed your E-letterhead can be used whenever you want.

To find out more about this service use our website link below or give us a call on 01782 444821.

At Emedia we also provide a whole host of other Web related services, bespoke online ordering systems, Online Web traffic control systems, Online Training Systems, Online Contact database Management with automated emailing, if you would like us to explore how we can help your entire online presence then give us a call, and allow us to explore how we can help your business.


Adam Ward-Best


Dave 8-Bit said...

Just the four mistakes?

I'm pretty sure I can see four in the first paragraph alone!

Gordon Graham said...

I'd bet a quid that this was written by a native Chinese (Mandarin) speaker. Found your blog via the adliterate blog -- interesting reading.