Sunday, March 2, 2008

My stars are in alignment (or something like that)

Tonight, I'm watching 'Selling the 60s - how Madison Avenue dreamed a decade' on BBC4.

If you're interested at all in advertising, perhaps you are, too.

What's freaky is that I was also taking a personality test to see which world leader I thought like.

No, I'm not a personality test nut - I'm doing some research for a website we're creating.

Anyhow, there I was watching how Hatless Jack, or John F Kennedy, gave ad men kittens because he didn't wear hats (his haircut made him instantly recognisable whilst hats made him look like everyone else.)

At the same time, I was doing this test and discovering I'm like JFK. As well as being a load of bollocks, that's quite spooky, too.

Anyway, it says the test is non-serious. And you can paste your result on your webpage.

Which world leader are you like?

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