Sunday, February 17, 2008

Are these the best links in the world?

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed two friends of mine, Nick and Jadell, a link to, I think, 22 audio files of John Bonham drumming in the studio.

Nick called it the link of his life.

I don't know if I'd go that far with the links I'm posting below but they ain't bad.

A Hip Hop mix from every year from 1979 - 1995. That's a lot of Hip Hop.

I'm sure my good mate, Theo, has a similar record stashed away on audio cassette. And my mate, Matt, has thrown 800, yes 800, tunes into his 48minute mix.

And there's plenty I'd change about some of the track listings.

But there are going to be some corkers and I'm going to try to cram every one onto my small, outdated iPod:

1979-1989 Hip Hop History

1990-1995 Hip Hop History

And there's my week's listening sorted.

Cheers Iain.Me and you need to go for a long drink one evening.

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Age said...

dude these are ridiculous!!!!!!!!!