Monday, January 21, 2008

What's new in January?

So I return from beautiful Cananda, land of endless snow and TV ads that feature typos.

Immediately, I'm underwhelmed by the blipverts that appear in between shows back in the UK. Ho hum, maybe it's just the jet lag. But hold on. Wait a minute. What's this? A couple of attention-grabbing films; two rays of light piercing the January gloom.

First up, an ad for EDF, an energy company. Lots of different clips illustrating global warming and its effects. And when you get to the end, you're wondering 'but why all the old clips?' Just in the nick, the payoff flashes on screen - all the clips used in this ad were recycled.

Very nice.

But perhaps with the 13% hike in prices EDF announced in the same week the ads broke, they won't have to scrimp and they'll be able to afford new clips.

Second up, an ad for Fiat 500. Ah, now this one's real pretty. An agreeable (and not too tenuous idea) that the dinky new Fiat 500 is just one of many everyday masterpieces. Cue lots of different examples, like the pair of scissors and the rubber band, set to the most perfect music (hats off to you, mr. or mrs. composer.)

No arguement there.

But what oh what is up with the strapline they hit you with just before they say goodbye?

You are, we car.

Yes, you read it right - you are, we car.

OK, well it has the word 'you' in, practically an imperative these days.

But what on earth does this strapline mean? If you know (or fancy a guess), will you share it?

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