Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Discover your ideal job

Have you ever taken one ofthose personality/career tests?

I did the other day.

It classified me as creative/analytical - just as well considering my chosen career.

It also told me what my no.1 job is: Architect.

My runner-up jobs were: Psychologist (ok, well I have a masters in Social Psychology), Computer systems analyst, chemist, airplane pilot, flight engineer and vet.

And here's what it said about me (if you're interested):

You try to control situations by learning everything there is to know. You hesitate to take hasty actions and prefer to become an expert before providing your opinion on matters. When you do become an expert, however, it is hard for you to listen to novices who try to give their advice, as well. As a result, you ultimately prefer to work by yourself so that you can implement your own solution rather than cooperate just to please others.

So there you go.

What's your ideal job? Find out here: Tickle yourself

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