Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why don't we see better banner copy?

Good question.

It was asked by a fella named Sam, a strategist at a digital agency in London called Hyperhappen, in their newsletter.

He picked out a poster than ran for TravelLodge. You may have seen it. It read: 'A million rooms for £26 (each.)'

Sam wondered why we don't see more (rewarding) copy like that in banners.

I like the ad and I'm interested in the issue. So I commented on Sam's post.

I explained about the whole descriptive vs. clever headline thing. And that perhaps it's thought surfers are so busy and so fast that anything clever or witty is simply considered too distracting by the click hunters.

Or is there just a lack of copywriters in digital agencies?

Read Sam's original post, 'The finest eloquence', here

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