Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cleverer than a clever, clever, clever thing

I just received a really clever email.

It invited me to become a Deck Chair millionnaire.


I like Deck Chairs. And I'd like to be a millionnaire. So I'd love to be a Deck Chair Millionnaire.

Here's the clever bit.

Joining was for free but to upgrade to the $50 membership, I had to act NOW.

How come? Because of all the people joining right after me. They were pushing me 'down the line', taking more and more of my share. How did I know? I could see my 'wealth' draining away with every second I was delaying clicking the link.

OK so the whole thing looks like low grade scam spam and you'd rather not piss away $50 a month (for what I don't even know.)

Even so, I thought it was one of the most inventive REASONS TO ACT NOW I've ever come across.

What do you think?

See for yourself at
Don't worry, it's totally safe. And no, I'm not getting paid for referrals.

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